Posted by Eli on Feb 12, 2019
Great start to the day seeing Shari Simmans playing hooky from West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce to share the good word of how the Chamber is supporting economic development to help our local businesses thrive. Shari was former Chief of Staff for the former Governor of Virginia.
Thank you everyone for the opportunity to speak at your club and to Eli for inviting me.  I hope I was able to share information that was interesting and fun.  We truly appreciate your consideration of moving your meeting to a different day so as to not to conflict with our regular Tuesday meeting. Typically, we have anywhere from 60 to nearly 100 people at our meeting so I am confident collaborating together will be a benefit to both our organizations.
Coming from a very service oriented community, I am well aware of the commitment and dedication of Rotarians in a community, and how much a Rotary club adds to the quality of life to everyone in that community. It was truly wonderful to hear all the amazing things your group undertakes to make West Volusia a terrific to live. 

Thank you again and I look forward to see you all soon!